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Room temperature curing type 9000A/113B-

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Room temperature curing type 9000A/113B------- Potting black, used in electronic modules, such as ordinary potting ignition;


● This product is ambient temperature curing epoxy potting the black gum, low viscosity, good fluidity, easy to penetrate into the gap in the Products; 
● can be ambient temperature or curing temperature, curing moderate speed; 
● Curing no air bubbles, surface formation, there is a very good luster, high hardness; 
● there is fire-retardant properties of solidified materials, better acid performance, moisture-proof water-proof dust-proof properties of good oil resistance, heat and atmospheric aging; 
● curing material with good insulation, resistance, adhesive strength and high electrical physical properties.

【Suitable for】 
● Where required reperfusion sealing, packaging protection, moisture-proof insulation or other electronic products can be used; 
● widely used in transformers, AC capacitors, ignition coil, negative ion generator, aquarium water pumps, ignition coils, power modules, electronic controllers and other electronic components of the casting; 
● does not apply to flexible or soft shell encapsulating products.


Model                 HL-9000A              113B

Color               Black viscous liquid    Brown liquid

gravity,25℃          1.55g/㎝3            1.05g/㎝3

Viscosity,25℃        5500-6000cps         70-90cps

storage,25℃          6 months              6 months

Ratio: A: B = 100:25 (weight ratio) 
Time can be used: 25 ℃ × 40 minutes (100g mixed traffic) 
Curing conditions: 25 degrees / 24 hours or 60 ℃ × 3 hours 
● casting products required to maintain dry, clean; 
● Check A used agent, observing whether there is any settlement, and A mixing agent full uniform; 
● ratio taken in accordance with the volume, and weighing accuracy, please bear in mind the weight ratio is not smaller than, A, B mixtures even after full mixing in order to avoid incomplete curing; 
● after mixing evenly plastic timely irrigation and try to use at the time you are finished using the glue has been mixed; 
● reperfusion, the liquid will gradually penetrate into the cracks in the Product and, if necessary, go to the second plastic irrigation; 
● curing process, please keep the environment clean in order to avoid falling into the hands of impurities or dust is not curing the glue surface. 

【Characteristics after curing 】

Dielectric              1KHZ                 3.75

Dielectric loss         1KHZ                 0.02

Compressive Strength    kg/mm2               24

Flexural Strength       kg/mm2                  11

Tensile strength        kg/mm2                 16.5

Impact strength         kg/mm2/cm           8.5

Dielectric constant     1KHZ                 3.8~4.2

HARDNESS         SHORE  D             80

Hot deformation temperature   ℃      80

Volume resistivity 25℃  Ohm-cm       1.35×1015

Surface resistance 25℃   Ohm         1.2×1014

Voltage 25℃   Kv/mm                  16~18

● use, be sure to weigh accurately, and fully mixed evenly, so as to ensure uniformity of product quality. 
● This product is mixed at the start of a gradual curing, and its viscosity will gradually rise, and will release some of the heat; 
● mixed with the volume of the plastic the more the faster the reaction, curing speed will be faster and may be accompanied by a large number of heat release, please note that control the amount of time with plastic, because of reaction to speed up because of its use of time will be shortened, try a mixture of the glue used in a short time after; 
● use of time: at 25 ℃ are referring to conditions, 100g mixed viscosity of the glue to double time, it is not operational time, absolutely can not use glue; 
● there is a very small number of people will have prolonged exposure to mild liquid skin allergies, there is mild Itch, it is recommended to wear protective gloves when used, please stick to the skin with acetone or alcohol wipe and clean use of cleaning agents; 
● At the use of substantial before a small number of trial skills to master the use of products in order to avoid errors. 
【Storage and packaging】 
● This product is to be ventilated, cool, dry place sealed preservation, shelf-life of six months, expired qualified by the trial can continue to use; 
● packaging specifications for each 35kgSuitable, one of the main agent containing 25kg / barrel, curing agent 10kg / barrel.

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